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About Dr Kyal

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Dr. Amit Kyal is a consultant gynecologist with over sixteen years of experience in his field. He has vast experience in managing common and uncommon gynecological conditions. He has special interest and expertise in managing menstrual problems, fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis and menopausal problems.

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Dr Amit Kyal is a name with 16+ years of experience in Gynecology & Obstetrician. He is working as a senior Gynecologist & Obstetrician in Kolkata. One of the leading doctors of Kolkata with a special interest in infertility, high-risk pregnancy & endoscopic surgery, hormone disorders and others.

Professional Experience

  • Internship (2000-2001): NRS Medical College and Hospital
  • Resident (2003-2006): Calcutta National Medical College and Hospital- underwent intensive
  • clinical and surgical experience in the dept. of Obstetrics & Gynaecology.
  • Senior Resident (2006-2008): Calcutta National Medical College and Hospital
  • Clinical Tutor (2008-2010): Calcutta Medical College and Hospital
  • Assistant professor (2010-2015): Calcutta Medical College and Hospital
  • Associate Professor (2015- till date): Calcutta Medical College and Hospital- Experience of dealing with high risk pregnancy, Labour and Gynaecologist emergency, OPD (Antenatal & Gynae), all types of surgery including Laparoscopy (LAVH,TLH & Hysteroscopy ) & Infertility treatment.

Research work & Publications

  • Mental stress in infertility: a tertiary care hospital based study (IJRCOG,2018)
  • Visual inspection methods as screening test for cervical cancer in low- resource settings (SAFOG, 2018)
  • Pregnancy with thalassemia: challenges & outcomes (IJRCOG, 2018)
  • Uterine artery plasticity index as an emerging marker in the management of GTN (SAFOG)
  • Isoflavone in postmenopausal women- Are they really effective? (NJOG)
  • Second trimester abortion with vaginal misoprostol: Is there any advantage with prior mifepristone priming? (SAFOG)
  • Oral hypoglycemic glibenclamide: Can it be a substitute to insulin in the management of GDM? (SAFOG)
  • A study of prophylactic use of 15-methyl prostaglandin F 2alpha in the active management of third stage of labour (JIMA)

Symposium cum Workshop

  • Attended numerous workshop on endoscopic surgery, infertility treatment, vaginal surgery, emergency obstetrics & high-risk pregnancy management. Regularly attends all state and national conferences (FOGSI, BOGS & IAGE Conferences).
  • Attended 50th All India Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Kolkata CME programme on HIV/ AIDS Prevention & Treatment Awareness- NACO & IMA, Kolkata
  • Attended Live Workshop on IUI- Organized by Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction & Institute of Human Reproduction, Kolkata
  • Attended Symposium Cum Workshop on ART organized by Ghosh Dastidar Institute of Fertility Research, Kolkata
  • Workshop on Electronic Fetal Monitoring, Kolkata
  • 51st All India Congress of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, New Delhi
  • AICC RCOG(East Zone) Images International Workshop- Live Workshop on Recent advances in Gynecological Endoscopy; Kolkata
  • BOGSCON 36th Annual Conference, Kolkata
  • ENDOGYN 2012 – Organized by IMAGE & BOGS, Kolkata
  • BOGSCON 38th Annual Conference OF the Bengal Obstetrics & Gynecological Society, Kolkata
  • YUVA FOGSI EAST ZONE Conference, Guwahati.